100% for the children, we work where no one else does

At 100% for the Children, we work to make all our projects financially sustainable.

At 100% for the Children, we work to make all our projects financially sustainable, our projects amongst other things are about starting small businesses for the children's families, self-sufficient kitchen gardens and regulating ‘school fees’ so that the families with the largest income also pay the most to support our schools. That is also why we work with local partnerships: Our local partners are set up learn from each other.

We are focused at creating access to quality education. Education is essential for economic sustainability. The children must have relevant qualifications to be able to get a job. That is why part of our work also involves education of the teachers. The knowledge the teachers gives the children about health and basic rights is crucial for them to go to school, get a job and maintain it.

100% for Children and the UN’s Global Goal for Sustainable Development

The UN World Goals create the framework for all our projects, we work to ensure progress in the fields that the goals address. But we cannot reach the goal of sustainable development if we do not have the civil society with us. That is why in our projects we convey these World Goals to children and adolescents in Denmark, Ghana and Kenya. As an example, we created the project Poetic Empowerment, which was based on the World goals aimed to create dialogue and cultural exchange between children living in resp. Denmark and Ghana.


100% for the Children initially worked with charity, we now work with development. Our experience is that development goes hand in hand with global partnerships. This applies to collaboration with our partners in Denmark, Ghana and Kenya, but also to the involvement of the people affected by the projects. Therefore, we always work to create relationships that can sustain themselves, so we can maintain the projects together.


Giving children a safe everyday life with a solid & safe framework is a focus that is continuous in our projects. The school as an institution can offer that framework, all children have the right to education, regardless of whether they are disabled, orphaned street children or live in a landfill.


The children we work with come from very poor families and are often disabled, in a culture where poverty and disability are considered inferior and unworthy. Too many street children and disabled children experience being deprived of their political voices therefore, we want to educate them about their rights.


For children to thrive in school they need energy, they get the energy from their diet. All too often the meal they get at school is their only daily meal. Together with our partner organizations, we establish food programs so that the children get at least one daily meal. To ensure that disabled children also have access to health, we work closely with health clinics to help parents who cannot provide their children with the necessary care.

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