Media coverage

100% for The Children has a lot to say and do. We owe it to the children to spread their stories. But we do not spend money on promotions & advertising. That's why we need your help.

We gladly give interviews. If you know a media that might be interested in any of the questions below or other topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. Arrange a meeting by writing to our communications manager at

  • What makes 100% for the Children different from other NGO’s?
  • Which motivations could be behind starting and running a nonprofit organization?
  • How do you work towards making a better future for children and young people which work or live at a landfill?
  • What is the difference between relief work, development work, and emergency relief?
  • How does one make Capacity building and Advocacy?
  • How do we tackle corruption?
  • How do you collaborate as an NGO with private companies?
  • What are the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how do you implement them in North and South?


  • Case i Idlsjælenes bog af Tommy Krabbe Andersen (2010, ISBN 978-993655-0-0)
  • Case som del af folkeskole undervisningsmateriale i Mød Verden – livet i de fattige lande af Peter Bejder og Kaare Øster (2011, ISBN 978-87-92505-56-9)
  • Case i Fri og Rig – inspiration til Iværksætteri af Katrine Krebs og Camilla Tuborgh (Signe Møller i samtale med Mads Peter Veiby) (2011, ISBN 978-87-994609-0-8

Articles and interviews in written media