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Support our work with vulnerable and marginalized children and youth.

Make a difference with your donation In 2023, our efforts, with the help of generous donors like you, have directly improved the living conditions of 10,868 children and young people through education, health, and protection. By donating to us, you support our mission to ensure that all children and young people have the resources they need to reach their full potential. Your support is crucial for us to continue our work and expand our impact even further.

Today, 100% for Children continues to work where no one else does - with the children and youth who would otherwise be forgotten..

Your donations go directly to support 100% of Children's work. We are dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable and marginalized children and young people have access to education, health, protection, and knowledge about their rights—maintaining the same close connection to children, youth, partners, and projects as when the organization began.

With your donation, you help achieve results like these from 2023:

  • In Ghana 5,000 girls have been trained in menstrual hygiene., and their access to sanitary facilities has been improved.
  • 900 parents have declared their support for their daughters' education in rural areas of Ghana.
  • In Kenya, we have established a Child Protection Network, which has enhanced the ability of local organizations to protect children and created connections to policy networks and decision-makers.

And much more, which you can read about here: Årsberetning 2023

We want to make it easy for you to support our work - and therefore we are constantly working to find new solutions that suit you. 

We have listed various options below for those who want to support 100% for the Children's work

Support us through your will or with a endowement

If you consider 100% for the Children in your will, the entire amount goes to our work. As a humanitarian organization, we are approved and exempt from paying inheritance tax - the entirety of the inheritance goes to the organization's purpose uncut. Anyone can create a will. Then you decide for yourself what to do with what you leave behind. In the will, the amount of the inheritance can be set aside for certain things. A certain amount can also be set aside in the form of an endowment.

We have entered into an collaboration with the legal company Dokument 24, when 100% for the Children are considered in your will, they will create your will free of charge. Dokument24 makes it quick and easy to create a will, as you can do it online, even with a free consultation. You can start creating your will by clicking here.

We collaborate with DK Testamente, which helps Danes with, wills and power of attorney among other things. With a free consultation, you can learn more about the possibilities of your legal documents.
Læs mere om hvordan du bestiller et fuldstændigt gratis testamente med rådgivning here and at the same time consider 100% For the Children in your will.

We have also entered into a collaboration with Fairjura. At Fairjura you get a 20% discount on the preparation of a will if you consider 100% for the children in your will. Fairjura offers the preparation of legal documents at a fair price. At Fairjura, you always get help from a certified lawyer who advises at eye level and brings the law down to a level where it is possible for everyone to understand.

We have entered into a partnership with the legal company Mine Arvinger. When it comes to your legal documents they want to give you 100% security, overview, and clarity. All advice at Mine Arvinger is therefore provided by a qualified lawyer. Book a free and non-binding consultation and learn more about how to consider 100% for the Children in your will.

We have also entered into a collaboration with Legal Desk, who will make your will completely free of charge if you choose to support us through your inheritance. You can easily and safely make your will with Legal Desk by filling out a form in which you answer a number of questions. Based on your answers, your will is automatically drawn up and you get instant access to a PDF version on their platform. You can create your free will here.

We collaborate with the Danish Jura Nord: “At Jura Nord, we want to help Danes with entrusting inheritance to charitable organizations.At Jura Nord, you can donate to projects and at the same time get a 25% discount on a will. You can also get a free consultation at Jura Nord or contact us for more information.