Company donations

100% for The children have several active partnerships with companies. Social responsibility strengthens and elevates your company's profile. We are happy to help with communication plans and material in connection with a partnership.

We work with private companies to help them make a difference for some of the world's most disadvantaged children. Collaborating with a nonprofit organization is one of several ways private companies can invest in social responsibility. If your company has a social surplus, then help us to get very little, to reach very far.

“Jespersen Tryk + Digital is a graphical production company with a focus on sustainability, whether it concerns our nature, local environment or society in general. We have worked with 100% for the Children for 10 years. It has been a conscious choice, as the organization, unlike other aid organizations, has a very clear goal, is small and completely transparent in terms of the use of resources. In addition, it helps to have a face on the enthusiastic employees. We look forward to following 100% for the Children for the next many years.”

We want to make it easy for you to support our work - and therefore we are constantly working to find new opportunities that suits your company. 

We have listed various options below for you who wants to work together to strengthen 100% for the Children's work.

Corporate volunteers and products

You can choose as a company to donate products or your mployees time for specific work tasks to support 100% for the Children.

  • It can be both help calling in money and memberships or specific tasks within your subject areas. It can be creating joy for your employees and create positive change for 100% for the Children. Likewise, it can be supported with specific products. An example of support is Sprout , which donates pencils to our projects. The children and young people we work with do not all have parents which can give them pencils with them to school. Another example is Danefæ and Småfolk who donate clothes to the children. Warm clothes help to ensure that the children do not get sick and miss out on school due to the temperatures dropping.

Support us with more - without the additional costs

Together with your employer, you can create better opportunities for the children and young people we work with. Without costing your employer anything. The method is quite simple.

  • You can enter into an agreement with your employer to reduce your gross salary before tax by the amount you want to support 100% for the Children with. Instead, your employer pays to 100% for the Children the amount that you go down in salary. As your company's support for our projects is financed through a corresponding pay cut in your gross salary, it does not cost your employer anything. In return, you can support with a larger amount through a salary reduction because you do not have to pay tax on the money first. The method is approved by the danish Tax agency because neither you nor your employer have financial gain from it.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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