Child protection

There can be many reasons why children end up on the street. Some are born into poor families who cannot afford a roof over their heads. Others have been kicked out or run away from home due to violence or sexual abuse. Some have lost their parents to illness, while others are victims of war and conflict.

Children living on the streets are rarely guaranteed or aware of their rights. Their lives are an eternal struggle against poverty, hunger, and abuse, which is why the right to be a child and to play is a privilege that does not exist for them. Many children have a family that struggles with them, but there are also those children who have no adults to take care of them. These children don't have anyone to give them love and support. They also have no one to make sure they get to the doctor, to school, or get food in their stomach. And they have no one to protect them from kidnapping, violence, or sexual assault.

In 100% for the Children, we work with prevention and support for the individual family and the local community so that children can stay in environments with care instead of ending up on the street or in institutions. We do this through the projects below.