Child reporters

We highly value children's perspectives and work hard to include them in our work. One of the ways we do this is through our child reporters.

Therefore, 4 child reporters will help us to communicate about the development work we do in 100% for the Children. Children experience the world differently than adults. They don't first see poverty and differences, but instead the person behind: a friend, a skilled soccer player, or something entirely different. The authenticity, curiosity, and straightforwardness of children manage to build bridges between people – both here in Denmark and in Kenya and Ghana.

Sustainable Development Goal Bingo 2022

In October this year, 4 child reporters traveled to Kenya to visit children and youths in Nairobi and Mombasa and hear about their lives on the street, at a boarding school, etc. Before the trip, we asked the children about their thoughts on Kenya and the children they would meet. Watch the video here. The reporters were excited and looked forward to finding out what kind of lifes children lives in Kenya.

During the trip, the 4 child reporters met children living on the streets, children in a boarding school and they played their very own Development goals- bingo that they had brought from home. We believe that the experiences the child reporters had in Kenya, meeting children from different conditions, have the power to create curiosity and engagement back home in Denmark.

Based on their encounters with young people in Kenya, the 4 child reporters will create various creative products, such as pictures and songs. They will also develop a "Development goals- bingo," where the creative elements from their trip to Kenya will be included. Afterwards, the 4 child reporters will visit selected nursing homes and activity centers in Denmark.

If a presentation and a development goals-bingo game sound like something for you or where you work, then contact Camilla Nielsen-Englyst at

Child reporters- trip 2019

100% for the Children was on a monitoring trip in August 2019 and was accompanied by two child reporters from Denmark – Emma at the age of 11 and Louis at age of 9. Together, we visited our partners to see good examples of how Ghanaian organizations and institutions work towards the UN's Sustainable development Goals. Emma and Louis managed to find almost all of the Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with our partners. You can follow their search for the SDGs in the videos here.