Sustainable and income generating activities

Sustainability is important in all of the projects that 100% for the Children implements.When we talk about sustainability, we mean to protect the people and the planet both now and, in the future, but also sustainability in each of the projects we implement so that they can continue without us in the future.

Some of the major challenges we face as a global society in relation to sustainability are increasing inequality, growing climate changes, and people's consumption and behavior patterns. We address these challenges in different ways in the projects we implement. Increasing inequality in Kenya and Ghana is a recurring focus of our projects as we work to create better conditions for vulnerable children and young people.

In a new collaboration with the Danish company HEVEA, we work on the basis of protecting our common planet while giving young girls and women new opportunities for income-generating activities that will secure them for many years to come – even after our project has ended. You can read more about some of the projects we are implementing below.