Meet the team

Transparency is the essence of 100% for Children's work and communication

Our secretariat is small but efficient. It consists of 2 employees and a project consultant, each with their own area of expertise. In addition, we have interns from Akademikernes A-Kasse and the University of Copenhagen. We have a strong volunteer group that puts their efforts into fairs, events, and much more, as well as a volunteer coordinator who you can contact if you want to join. Our board is also voluntary.

Our volunteers have different backgrounds in the field of development, social sciences, artistic, pedagogical, and sociological. It gives us a wide range of qualifications and experiences. All our projects are driven by passion and presence. Therefore, as a business partner, foundation, or private supporter you will always be able to follow our work and the development of the projects closely.

Our team

Camilla Legendre

Daily Manager
Camilla has been involved in 100% for the Children since 2011. She has a background in international development studies and is passionate about creating noticeable changes for the children and young people we work with through strong partnerships and sustainable projects.

Charlotte Lea Jensen

Communications and project manager
Charlotte has a background in psychology and health. Her area of responsibility is communication and project, and she is therefore particularly involved in our engagement projects. Charlotte is passionate about creating constructive communication about the target groups we work with, through projects carried out by the young people themselves.

Heidi Rasmussen

Volunteer coordinator
Heidi is responsible for coordinating internships for social work students from University College Copenhagen. She is also the one to contact if you want to be a volunteer in 100% for the Children.

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Project consultant
Camilla works as a project consultant in 100% for the Children, especially in connection with our projects in Ghana. Camilla is also the representative of 100% of the Children in Global Focus. Camilla is passionate about strengthening young people's voices and engagement in the agenda of sustainable development.

The board of directors

Camilla Quist Olesen

Organizational developer at Cykling uden alder and Station

Gry Danielsen

Social worker

Erik Grootveld

Head of Malawi Scholarships

Heidi Rasmussen

Social worker

Ingrid Kristensen

Social educator


“Being a member of 100% is for me a huge privilege, to be allowed to collaborate with people who really feel passionate about 100%’s visions and the work we do. Our team and partners are a great inspiration and make me want to make an extra effort in 100% for the Children”

Helene, a former member of the board of 100% for the Children

“As Art Director and volunteer in 100% for the Children, I help with the creative expression in the association's communication and PR material. In this way, I can help to create higher recognizability, and greater knowledge of 100% for the children, and their important help and development work. It’s really nice to be a part of making a difference!”

Helle Olesen, volunteer Art Director in 100% for the Children

“I volunteer because it gives me a sense of joy and it is something that creates meaningfulness. 100% for Children is an organization that helps marginalized children and young people in Kenya and Ghana. They make a difference for those who need it the most - the forgotten children and young people. Being able to volunteer for such an organization that gives its whole soul to help these children and young people is a privilege. I want to encourage everyone to try to be a volunteer, regardless of organization and whether it is just for a day or an hour, you will not regret it. "

Natasa Milosevic, volunteer in 100% for the Children