Success stories

The children at New Hope Orphanage

An orphanage combined with a school can change an entire community. In a collaboration with the Kenyan couple Japheth and Violet, we have had a dream of developing New Hope School and Orphanage - and it has affected the standard of living in the neighborhood.

New Hope School and Orphanage in Kenya is a real success story. It started by housing 7 children from the surrounding slums, but already after three months, they had 18 children residing. Now, 67 orphaned children that would otherwise reside on the streets live and eat in New Hope in addition to about 715 children and young people from the surrounding slums who attend the school.

Japheth and Violet are the Kenyan couple who took the initiative for the school and the orphanage, and they are the ones we have been working with ever since to expand the place. New Hope orphanage and school are today sustainable - and 100% have been able to secure the financial support of the place.

With this amazing place, our ambition is to make it a picture-perfect example for other 100% collaborators. We believe in local sharing of knowledge and development – and that New Hope’s positive sustainable development can be replicated in many other places for the benefit of many more children. For instance in our work with Kiotani orphanage and school, where we collaborate with Positive Life Kenya to create a safer environment for children and young people from the Mlolongo slum in Nairobi.

100% for the Children's daily director, Camilla Legendre, narrates here, how we in a strong partnership helped built this fantastic place.

“The strategy that we developed towards the sustainability of New Hope’s, we now use in the development of other projects. In that way, New Hope is a role model,” 

Since 2008, 100% for the Children has entered into a collaboration with the New Hope Orphanage and School. Here we among other things, supported:

Construction of new dormitories

New kitchen


Playgrounds and orchards

Coverage of health expenses for the children of the orphanage

Quarterly health care costs for the children of the orphanage

Salaries for the staff of the orphanage

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Children and the young people of Pebi

There are more than 100 children living in Pebi and even more in the surrounding villages. For many years they have not had the opportunity to go to school. They now have that opportunity.

We have joined forces with Engineers Without Borders (EWB-DK) to build a new school funded by Operate and Ramboll Foundation. The building of the new school is important for Pebi's sustainability, as it will be a recognition of the small community of the Ghanaian state - as well as a future guarantee that the state covers the costs associated with running a school. In a society where most people live on less than 1 USD a day, it is paramount for the children's education.

With funds from Kavli foundation we have established a kitchen garden in order for more than 120 of the children who attend the school to concentrate on their teachings. The kitchen garden provides a daily and nutritious meal for the school children. This means that the children are allowed to attend school with their parent's permission instead of helping the parents work to provide food. A bakery has also been established, which creates jobs and income for the small community.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014