Engagement projects in Denmark

An important part of 100% for the Children's work is to be present in Danish society to strengthen the engagement towards sustainable development and the goals we fight to achieve.

We tell about the engagement of youth and sustainable development at festivals and fairs across the country.

Over the years, we have, among other things, collaborated with a public kitchen to focus on hunger, participated in Green Copenhagen to talk about sustainability, arranged an evening in The House of Poetry with a focus on creative writing in development work and been to the Zealand festival to inform about disabled people’s rights in Kenya.

The Danish organizer of castle fairs, CHPeventsupports us with fair stands, which we are incredibly grateful for. Contact us at col@100pct.orgif you have a fair or something similar, so we can reach out to more people with our messages and projects. We also sell arts and crafts made by the children and young people, that we work with and tell the stories behind these products.

Collaboration with Danish organizations

As part of our work, 100% for Children has an interest in establishing cooperation and agreements on strategic collaborations with other development organizations in Denmark. That is why we are currently collaborating with Engineers Without Borders and Periamma, while we are regularly involved in exchanging experiences with other Danish organizations. We are also a member of several networks for development organizations including World's Best News, CISU and the Committee of Global Focus

Children as story tellers

Children's approach to the world is immediate and often without the same prejudices that we can otherwise build up over a long life. They look at poverty and inequality with different eyes, and first and foremost notice the people behind it. Therefore, we work with 4 child reporters to create engagement in Denmark. Our wish is to make global issues concrete through the personal meeting.

Collaboration with educational institutions

100% for the Children gives presentations and implements projects with Danish primary schools. It aims to make the UN's Sustainable Development Goals tangible for teachers and students. At the same time, we want to spread the knowledge of how smaller NGOs work with development.

We also collaborate with higher education institutions on both internships and engagement projects in Denmark. Several times a year, we send social work students from University College Copenhagen for internships abroad and have also developed learning material for social work education.

Creative activism

Creative writing is a means of independent thinking and an alternative to rote learning because it allows young people to express themselves. We have used creative writing in our CISU-supported information project Poetic Empowerment: Youth in Dialogue 2017, which rethinks how creative writing and development work can function together in synergy. The poetry collection of the same name is a product of the platform we created, so that young street children and marginalized girls in Ghana could tell about their experiences and exchange them with peers from two Danish schools in Randers. You can buy the poetry collection for 200 DKK, - incl. postage, and thus support our projects. Donate 200 DKK, - here and inform us about your purchase by writing an email to col@100pct.org, and we will take care of the shipment.

Creative writing is integrated into the REEP-project and the CAS-project, where the children have now started performing Ghanaian poems and writing their own poems to ‘empower’ their voices and tell their own stories. At the same time, it serves as material for teaching at the two Danish schools and at the Center for Street Children (Catholic Action for Street Children) in Accra, where street children now strengthen their voices through the writing of poetry.